• Image of The Elf Mother II

An original drawing included my 2017 sketchbook, THE WALKING HILLS.

Interesting thing to note about this one: a version of the drawing originally appeared in my 2013 sketchbook, LYREBIRD but I was never 100% happy with it.

In 2017, when I was working on THE WALKING HILLS collection, I had in mind a similar idea and decided to go back and rework this original drawing from LYREBIRD.

And here's the result! A unique piece included, in some form, in TWO of my sketchbooks.

Graphite and brown col-erase pencil on graphic natural white.

11" x 14"



This collection is comprised of drawings, paintings, and sketches created over the last four years. It's time to clear out the flat files in my studio and make room for new drawings!

All work will be signed.
Please allow three to four weeks for shipping.

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